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GDPR And Its Impact On Sales Development

GDPR and its impact on Sales Development

In May 2018, the most far-reaching change to data protection in a generation came into effect. There has been a powerful shift in the way the EU wants personal data to be managed. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has had both validating and developmental changes in the consumer and business world – most specifically when it comes to sales development. It’s changed communication as we know it and as we consider its future impact, predominantly taking into account the effect of such a change on Lead Generation and how campaigns are carried out.

Email addresses are the life blood of lead generation and sales development programs. This therefore has been a consideration when it comes to the sales development process throughout Product2Market. What does it mean for the campaigns we carry out on behalf of our clients? How does this look in terms of data access and compliance? How effective will the lead generation campaigns be?

GDPR enables higher level quality lead generation campaigns. The factors of data control and consumer opt in contributes an added layer of quality in the sales development process. Opt ins are those who are engaged with the brand. They trust the brand and they’ve demonstrated interest in staying in touch. This means sales reps can delve deeper into the specific needs of their prospects which strengthens the rep-prospect relationship and allows for more confident sellers and greater commitment to learning more about the brand. Post-send metrics hold greater value and further enforce the weight of relationships involved.

There are no questions surrounding trust when all parties have been fully transparent. Trust is the foundation for any relationship. All privacy laws surrounding GDPR mean that brands are required to be fully transparent. Any evasion of this transparency means that there will be repercussions both lawfully and in customer/brand relationship. This reinforces the fact that  application of GDPR leaves little doubt in terms of the trust that can exist between either party.

Trust between brand and consumer also ensures effectiveness of future endeavours. There is an expectation in terms of how communication is made and how contact will be made moving forward. The quality of data and its trustworthiness will be unquestionable and focused. It can be guaranteed that it is GDPR proof when sourced.

Sales development and lead generation continues to evolve and be effected by external factors. Being ahead of the changes and making alterations accordingly will ensure adaptation and pro-activity. When it comes to GDPR, it’s not a one size fits all from this day onwards. From a lead generation campaign perspective, there’s an opportunity to continue to strengthen the relationships involved and continue to maintain trust and transparency.

At Product2Market, we offer a GDPR compliant Sales Development process as a service model for our clients. We ensure that we build awareness and engagement through content using a blend of process, people and software. To learn more about how we can help you find and win new customers while being fully complaint – get in touch with our team.

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