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Data Request Form

Under the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), individuals may ask for copies of paper and computer records that an organisation holds, shares or uses about you.

To help us to deal with your request we will require proof of your identity, and enough information to enable us to locate the personal data that you request.

Please complete this form and submit the necessary proof of your identity to us. Our Data Protection Officer (Len Brennan - will acknowledge safe receipt and respond within one month.

Part 1: Your Personal Details

Title: MrMrsOther
Any other names you are known by that may assist in the search:
Current Address:
Any previous address by that may assist in the search:

We need these details in order to:

a) help us find the Personal Data which you have requested;
b) enable us to communicate with you about your request; and
c) keep a record of your data subject access request.

[If you are an employee or former employee please provide your staff number if known:]
Staff No:

Part 2: Proof Of Identity

To help us establish your identity your application must be accompanied by a piece of identification that clearly shows your name and current address. Please enclose a copy of one of the following as proof of identity: copy passport or driving licence, birth or adoption certificate and a copy of a bank statement or utility bill dated within the last three months.

These copy documents are for internal verification only and should be destroyed once verification complete.

This is to ensure that we are only sending information to you, the data subject, and not to a third party. If none of these are available, please contact our Data Protection Officer (Len Brennan) for advice on other acceptable forms of identification.

Proof of ID (1):
Proof of ID (2):

Part 3: Information requested

To help us to deal with your request quickly and efficiently please provide as much detail as possible about the information you want. If possible, direct your request to a particular service, department, teams or individuals or incident. Please include time frames, dates, names or types of documents, any file reference and any other information that may enable us to locate your data, for example, for e-mails, the names of senders and recipients and approximate dates.

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